The Following [Season One] – Is it Worth the Watch?

Usually I don’t watch anything that isn’t sci-fi or pure fiction, with the exception of Dance Moms of course! But I recently went to HMV and bought two seasons of a show called The Following and with the main cast including Kevin Bacon I was surprised I liked it. I mean, I am seriously hooked! Nothing against the man, he’s just in every single EE advert on television right now and it’s starting to drive me up the wall!


[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Possible insight husband want girlfriend?

My hub and me are 26. We’ve been together since we were 16. I had a wild prd where I avoided him at all costs and did my thing including sleeping around( don’t judge pls)
We finally ended up together for good in 2007. In 2009 we had our first baby and moved into a small 3 bedroom home. I stayed home with our son and he worked over night. Poor decisions i contacted a friend who is had a crush on in high school but never pursued. We ended up hooking up multiple times over a couple of years. Until 4 yrs ago when I got pregnant & everything stopped i brought everything Id done to light. I’m not sure he’s ever forgiven me but we stuck together.
Two yrs ago he mentioned having a threesome with his friend. I am a sexual person and I agreed to it. He says he has no regrets.
4 two months we’ve discussed him having sex with another girl. I’m only gf and I have his cirginity and he’s never had other The thought of it turns me on. So I gave him permission to do it. past Saturday he asks if I would consider him having a GF. He says he has low confidence and feels like I could leave him at any point and he wants to know that he can pull some one. He contacted a female on CL and exchanged some emails. He deleted the one where she gave her #. And her photo. He had emailed from his cell while at work. Then text were sent between while he was with me that he deleted. He has made plans to meet her. It upsets me but I want him do it. I’m so confused. Is his reason legit? That is cheatin

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