Famous catering services in the metro


Everybody loves to eat. Even when you are attending a party you always think about food. What’s the menu?Is there variety of food? Is it delicious? So many questions running in our mind.  A party is not complete without food, isn’t it? In every occasion food is always present. Get together, Graduation, wedding, birthday, christening, etc.

Day before the event we are already preparing for the menu. Or some of us will wake up early in the morning just to cook the food. But if you are really that busy or don’t have the cooking prowess you are always finding a way to solve the problem. Right?

So here’s the answer to your problem. Catering Service will make it easy for you. We trailed down the famous catering services within the metro.

Josiah’s catering services


Josiah’s Catering upholds the tradition of delivering quality foods and catering services in Manila, Philippines. Among the highly acclaimed and top wedding caterers in town, Josiah’s Catering makes sure that that clients’ expectations are always exceeded, and that it continues to add inspiration to weddings, corporate events, and life celebrations, all for God’s greater glory.


Price Range: 150000-up (package rate)

Address: 34 East Drive Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Trunkline: +632 475.2703

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Juan Carlo the Caterer


It is a fiery passion that has driven Engr. Alex Michael U. del Rosario and TeresitaMacatangay to take the love of their crafts to manifest as the Philippines’ premier catering and events business, Juan Carlo.

Through love, sheer hard work and unrelenting dedication, Alex and Tita grew the business to be recognized in its industry not only for superior quality and service, but for delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Juan Carlo resonates with those that grasp the importance of greater quality, service and experience, truly catering to those with a finer taste.


Address: 24B Jamboree st.TomasMorato, Quezon City

Contact: (02)929-3674 (02)416-5134

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Hizon’s Catering


is an off-premise caterer specializing in weddings, private parties and corporate events. Established in 1987, we are now one of the top caterers in the Philippines.


Price Range: 550-750/ head

Address: 22 Renowned Lane Sanville Project 6, Quezon City

Contact: +63 (2) 925-0107

+63 (2) 925-0103

[email protected]

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Tamayo’s catering


It started out as a small catering business that grown into one with a restaurant and flower shop, through the passion and tireless efforts of Pres. Steve Tamayo. Tamayo’s specializes in catering and flower arrangements for any gathering, from weddings or debuts, to birthdays or baptisms, to inaugurations or other corporate events.


Price Range: 170 – 1500 php/head

Contact Person: Mr. Steve Tamayo
Address: Ground Floor Plaza San Luis Complex, Gen. Luna St. corner Real St. (across San Agustin Church), Intramuros, Manila City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
Telephone No: (632) 526-2222, (632) 400-7161
Mobile No: (63923) 2518-316
Fax No: (02) 536-8895

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Manila Catering Services


Established in 1989, Manila Catering Services has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The Company caters to all and any occasion be it social or corporate entertaining. The Company also caters to low costcarrier airlines, providing passenger and crew meals for domestic and regional flights. Manila Catering Services also provides Commissary services for its Affiliates, and other institutional accounts. They offer many variety of food selection that fit on all types of palette.


Address:47 Examiner street, West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

23 Father Martinez street, Scout Tobias, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact: +63 2 355 5755 / +63 2 355 3279 +63 2 355 3612

[email protected]
[email protected]

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