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New Project! – Movie Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that I had a new idea for a project to start this year. Well, here it is!

Basically, for a while now I’ve been evaluating my hobbies and interests in life. I know, it sounds silly; people should just do the hobbies they like at the time and not worry about it, really, and to actually evaluate something that’s supposed to be fun is a bit bizarre. But, it’s what I’ve been doing.

I have a lot of crafty hobbies, and I class the gaming I do as a hobby. I’m reading a lot more now as well, so that’s a hobby again (hah). And… procrastination is a hobby. It works very well.

Something I used to class as a hobby – well, an interest – was movie watching. I mean, I was never really a hectic movie-watcher. I never went to the cinema more than once every couple of months, and I still don’t believe I have that big a DVD collection. However, I used to spend a lot of time watching movies through my PS2 and always dedicated one night a week to going to bed with a movie. Of course, I was younger back then, and had a very different lifestyle, but I do miss it a lot.

I find it hard to socialise with people because I don’t often have many movies in common with them. If I find someone who’s really into movies, or television shows, I find it hard to initiate conversation if the subject is currently on movies or television. Recently, I’ve just been sitting silent while people swap movie quotes, talk spoilers, and get excited about new releases.

My potential dad-in-law is always asking me whether I’ve seen a certain movie, and, normally, my answer is no. People I meet are always asking if I’ve seen [insert popular Fantasy franchise movie here] and, normally, my answer is no. Almost always, my answer is no. And even if I do say yes, I often don’t have that much to talk about with it anyway. I just haven’t been that enthsuiastic, despite wanting to be, when it comes to movies.

I’d like to change that.

+ + +

Watching movies is easy. There are many ways to do it. It’s not like writing a novel, or finishing a craft project. It’s just a matter of sitting down in a comfy chair, grabbing snacks, and watching something. Easy peasy. So, why should I not set a goal for myself and watch a certain amount of movies in a year?

Easy. It’s not like reading a set number of books in a year. Books take hours, days to read. Weeks, in my case. But a movie is just two hours of my life. That’s all.

So, this year, I’m setting a goal. This year, I am going to watch at least 30 movies. That may seem a lot to you, or it may not seem like many at all. But, either way. I’m going to watch them.

And then I’m going to document them all on this blog. Huzzah!

+ + +

Basically, every time I watch a movie, I’m going to write a small 500-word (max) post on it. But it won’t be a review, or a necessarily coherant post. It’ll just be my thoughts, my opinions, the good things and the bad things. And it’ll be short. A snippet. And in no way representative of the quality of the film.

This is just something extra I’d like to do on the blog. Of course, I’ll have to watch movies regularly to keep up, but I’m unsure how regular the posts themselves will be. Hopefully I’ll be able to post them within a few days of the movie – but if not, I’ll have to post them later on. We’ll see! But I will endeavour to post them all. Otherwise, what fun is a blog without a little challenge?

Wish me luck! And if you have any cinema-watching recommendations (remember I’m in the UK) then be sure to let me know. :)

PS No, I know I’m not watching a movie right now. Give me a break. Gosh.

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